Amelia Talon - Coed Girls - 19 May 2011

Playboy: Have you always been interested in business?
Amelia: For a long time, I wanted to study video game design. I also thought about becoming a fashion designer, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and even psychologist and astronomer. But none of those are for me. I’m destined for a career in business.

Playboy: Did you say video game design?
Amelia: I love, love, love playing video games. But I’d hate to turn what I love doing in my free time into a job. Video games would become a chore and not something that I could relax to anymore.

Playboy: What games can we find in your console?
Amelia: My favorite games are Zelda, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and, of course, Pokemon, Gotta catch ’em all!